Signs of a Loose Vagina

Common Signs of a Loose Vagina

One of the most delicate areas of the women’s body is the vagina. It requires proper treatment to avoid problems such as discharge or other minor infections. Nowadays, women are faced with the fear of being identified to have a loose vagina.

Childbirth has been identified as the main cause of a loose vagina. This is because the rapid expansion during birth might have caused the vagina walls not to get back to the normal size, most probably after giving birth to the second or the third child. The vagina can also be loose due to having so much sex.
Here are some of the signs of a loose vagina:

Lack of satisfaction

One becomes sexually satisfied when an orgasm is achieved. Loose vagina comes with challenges and inability to get an appropriate and good orgasm. This is because the walls are not sensitive enough to stimulate the vagina to get wet. It may take too long for someone to have an orgasm if the walls are very loose.

Having a hard time getting aroused

One can definitely know that they have a loose vagina if they are having a challenge in getting simulated. This may be evident when one fails to be aroused by inserting small objects but rather is triggered by excessively large objects.

Failure of the vagina to close back up after an arousal

When the vagina is loose it might fail to close back up after getting aroused, since the walls have been very loose. This is a very clear indicator that the vagina is so much loose. It might stay open for too long, depending on the level of looseness of the vagina walls.

Lack of resistance

The moment one can dip three fingers in a vagina and the walls fail to create any kind of resistance, then it can be concluded that the vagina is loose. If a vagina is not loose, inserting of fingers would result in a resistance due to the walls being tight. It would not be easy to insert three fingers.

Failure to turn a sexual partner on

The moment a sexual partner is not turned on during intercourse, there are high chances that the vagina is loose. No partner would want a loose vagina since it doesn’t hold the male sex organs intact. Therefore, sex becomes boring for the male partner.

Difficulty in gripping one’s finger

A loose vagina will not hold a finger tightly when inserted. One may try to act like they are holding up urine but it might end up yielding no results. Once a finger is inserted into the vagina, a tight vagina should tightly hold the finger in such a way that it feels covered. Failure to grip the finger by the vagina will mean that it is not tight enough.

The indicators of a loose vagina are usually very prominent within populations. However, women fear to speak it out reaching out for assistance to rejuvenate the sex life with their partners. They should try to get the appropriate ways to make their sex worthwhile again through applying the ways to make the vagina tight.