How to Make Your Vagina Tighter

Here we can represent you the most popular ways to tighten woman’s vagina in any age.
Tightening the vagina, returning it to its former elasticity, you can increase the tone and elasticity of the vaginal muscles. Often the walls of the vagina lose tone and stretch with the onset of menopause or after birth. Let’s talk about special exercises and tools for quick results, but first, let’s talk about causes of reduced muscle tone of the vagina.

There may be several factors contributing to the reduction of intimate muscle tone. The most common are:

  • Childbirth and frequent abortions.
  • Physiological changes in the body after fifty years.
  • Chronic constipation.
  • Surgery on genitals and abdominal cavity.
  • Insufficient or excessive physical activity.
  • Lack of preventive measures.

Vaginal muscle weakness can be recognized not only by reducing sexual desire but also by signs such as uncontrolled urination, decreased secretion, discomfort, pain, and burning during sexual intercourse.

Such disorders require mandatory correction with the help of gymnastic exercises, surgery, alternative medicine or drugs.

The vagina tightening with the help of gymnastics.

A set of exercises for the intimate zone will strengthen the muscle tissue in the perineum area. In addition to the tightening of the vagina, the woman’s libido will also increase and immunity against diseases of the genitourinary sphere will rise. We give a brief list of the exercises of the famous gynecologist A. Kegel:

  •  Find the right muscle. When urinating, hold and release the urine stream until you can isolate the desired muscle.
  • Training of vaginal muscles can be done in any position. The principle of the exercise is to alternately stress / relax the vaginal muscles for at least five seconds. This exercise is effective in reducing the size of the vagina, but only when performing 10-15 times a day for three months. Gradually, the tension/relaxation time increases to thirty seconds.
  • Exercise pushes. The principle of execution is to simulate the ejection of something from the vagina. For women who gave birth naturally, it will be easy to understand how this is done. To improve the effect, buy special vaginal balls.

The complex of Kegel exercises after childbirth will be an excellent training of the pelvic floor muscles and will improve the intimate life in two or three months. Faster results can be obtained by using medicine for tightening the vagina.

The vagina tightening with the help of vaginal surgery.

Vaginoplasty is a surgical operation to eliminate vaginal defects, adjusting the shape and size of the vagina. There can be different types of operations, you’d better discuss it with a specialist, depending on your exact case.

All plastic surgeries are performed by experienced surgeons under general anesthesia. The rehabilitation period after the correction is about three weeks, during which you should have sexual rest, and follow the recommendations of the doctor. Don’t forget that you can feel pain throughout the year after the operation of tightening your vagina.
We recommend you not to wait if you’ve got such a thing. It is possible to solve the problem of muscle tone. Especially since you already know how to establish your intimate life.